Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rare Sighting of White 8K Red Camera

We at The DV Shop had the privilege of seeing a very rare beast in person today - a Red Helium 8K camera.

There are only 20 of these in the world, and Canada has 2 of them (one in Toronto, one in Vancouver).


Thursday, July 7, 2016

DV Shop 15th Anniversary Throwback Thursday

The DV Shop celebrated its 15th Anniversary in May, and just to give some perspective on how much things have changed in those 15 years, here's some comparative pricing.

Hard Drives
In 2001, the biggest hard drive you could get was 75GB, and a LaCie Firewire 75GB cost over $500.
In 2006, the biggest external hard drive was 600GB, and the LaCie Firewire 600GB cost $529.
In 2016, the LaCie Firewire 5TB costs $419.

Memory Cards
In 2006, the SanDisk Ultra 8GB Compact Flash card cost $1199.
In 2016, that same card costs $30.

DVD Burners
In 2001, the internal Pioneer A03 DVD Burner cost $1499.
In 2016, the internal Pioneer BluRay Burner sets you back $99.

What are we going to be saying in 2026?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Video Devices Pix E Series Firmware Update

Newly released PIX-E Firmware Version 3.00 adds the H.264 codec, as well as the option to simultaneously record both ProRes and H.264.

Video Devices announces that Firmware Version 3.00 for its popular PIX-E Series of 4K-compatible recording monitors – previewed at the 2016 NAB Show – is now available. With this latest firmware update, the PIX-E Series adds the H.264 codec as well as the ability to simultaneously record a high-quality, edit-ready Apple® ProRes .mov file and a much smaller H.264 .mp4 file. These features are now available as a free download for PIX-E owners.

These features are now available as a free download for PIX-E owners.

Universally supported for viewing on PCs, Macs, and browsers, the H.264 codec offers a balance between compression and quality, resulting in low data rates and small file sizes. As such, it is commonly used for web streaming and long duration recording. The codec also makes for faster file uploads and easier emailing of recorded files.

Simultaneous ProRes and H.264 recording provides more flexible and efficient file delivery options. PIX-E users now have the ability to give their clients an H.264 file for content review, shot-listing, or web-streaming, while the high-resolution 4K ProRes file is used for mastering.

“After previewing H.264 at this year’s NAB show, we are excited to announce that it’s now available to PIX-E owners everywhere,” says Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design, Sound Devices, LLC. “The addition of H.264, and simultaneous ProRes and H.264 recording, provide our customers with greater file delivery options. For instance at the end of a shoot, quickly handing off a low-cost SD card containing the H.264 content to a producer or director streamlines the process; now they have something quick and easy to review on a computer or tablet, at their convenience.”

With the addition of H.264, an applied LUT is baked into the H.264 .mp4 file and saved via SD card. The master ProRes 4K file is saved to the Video Devices’ SpeedDrive™ without an applied LUT. This is ideal for users who want to simultaneously record a full dynamic range, log-encoded ProRes master file for the edit suite and a REC709 H.264 file suitable for client viewing.

While recording 4K in ProRes, the PIX-E will automatically scale the 4K to 1080p for recording H.264, thereby reducing its file size even further. Both recordings also include audio—up to eight channels with ProRes and two channels with H.264.

The update also adds the 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO mSATA solid-state drive to the approved media list.

Download the new firmware here: PIX-E Firmware v3.00